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Kentucky Elk Hunt
KY Wild DIY Hunters

"Bill  had my elk on a string....He's the Elk Whisperer!"   -Jay Houston

"A textbook hunt..Bill called in my bull from a mile away. He is the real deal ! "   

-Gary Adams


       "Bill knew right where the elk would be. I          harvested my elk before 9 a.m. on                   opening day. He's a great guide!"

                                                       -Mandy Bray



Due to business commitments, my elk guiding in 2023 will be very limited. However, I will be offering DIY packages for hunters who enjoy the independence of hunting without a guide, and simply need information to be able to find elk.

2023 DIY Scouting Reports

The DIY Scouting Reports will be offered for Units 3 and 5 only. Each Report will contain an introductory section containing general info on Kentucky Elk Hunting, including info on lodging, butchers,  equipment needs, camping locations, fitness, weapons, and many other practical tips. The actual Scouting Report will contain detailed maps, trailhead locations, info on elk bedding and feeding areas, Public Lands and Regulated Areas. Maps will also include GPS coordinates, and detailed hand-drawn sketches with landmarks that will put you where I have encountered elk in the past. These reports will not tell you precisely where elk actually are at a given time, but you will receive in-tel that should allow you to find them. In 2021-2022, half of the hunters who purchased my DIY packages harvested elk...and several more had opportunities that did not result in harvests. This percentage is larger than unguided hunters without the DIY packages, and comes very close to the harvest results of guided hunters. I am selling only one or two of these reports per week per unit to avoid overcrowding.

Note-Purchasing these packages will require the hunter to sign an agreement prohibiting the sale or transfer of this proprietary information.

Unit 3 DIY Scouting Report

Fee:  $600 

Either Sex Archery- Only 3 offered.

Firearms Bull- Only 2 offered-1/wk.

Firearms Cow-Only 2 offered-1/wk. 

Unit 5 DIY Scouting Report

Fee: $400

Either Sex Archery- Only 3 offered.

Firearms Bull-Only 2 offered- 1/wk.

Firearms Cow-Only 2 offered- 1/wk.

Note: Unit 5 has fewer elk and fewer public land opportunities than Unit 3, therefore the price is lower. 

Unit Selection- As I did in 2020, 2021, and 2022,  I will also provide a Unit Selection Service for drawn elk hunters.  The fee is $300. If I provide that service and you are selected to hunt in Units 3 or 5, I will provide a $100 discount on the DIY package for your unit. If you are not selected for Unit 3 or Unit 5, I will reimburse you $100. This is a somewhat random process, but in 2020, 2021, and 2022,  approximately 75% of the hunters for which I provided this service received a unit or regulated area I requested for them. Based on that percentage, I will limit the hunters for which I do the Unit Selection. I can also assist you in finding a guide for your area should you wish to hire one.

Note: Starting in 2023, Kentucky will be requiring that we collect sales tax for these fees.

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