Professional seminars and educational workshops

Tentative 2020 Seminar Dates:

(note: I'll be signing and selling books at all seminars)

July 16-Lex. J&H Outdoors-Fly Fishing Small Streams for Smallmouth Bass- 6 pm

July 17-Lex. J&H Outdoors-Hunt Simple-Becoming a Better Hunter- 6 pm

Aug 6-Lex. J&H Outdoors-Napali Wilderness (Kauai) Backpack Hunt-6 pm

Aug 8-9- Breaks Interstate Park-Fly Fishing Weekend

Aug.13-Lex. J&H Outdoors-Becoming an Outdoor Writer-

6 pm

Aug 15-16-Lake Cumberland State Park -Fly Fishing Weekend

Aug 22-23 - Cumberland Falls State Park-Fly Fishing Weekend

August 29-30- Jenny Wiley State Park Fly Fishing Weekend

Oct.17-18- Fly Fishing Workshop-Pine Mountain Settlement School

Nov 7-8- Pine Mountain State Park-Fly Fishing Weekend

Nov.21-22-Natural Bridge State Park-Fly Fishing Weekend

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Lexington, KY